GroupHugProductions is a production company with a social conscience that was founded in August 2001. Under the guiding principles of Creativity, Technology and Community, Group Hug Productions (GHP) creates original programming and co-produce’s for TV, film, video and web.

Filmmaker and Social Entrepreneur Jesse Ford saw that he could provide Artists with job opportunities through Internships, while producing his community serviced minded films. Over 250 artists have come through the Virtual doors of GHP.

Intern and Guest artists joined forces to explore the visual imagination set to story and music. GHP completed their first short “Phantom” in 2001.

Working with aspiring professional artists as Interns who are mentored by industry professionals, GHP gives back to the community by providing Internships to promising young artists and producing qualified candidates for the work force.


Protected: Imani
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Everything Obsolete
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Carter’s Place
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Anifunkamation stands for animation, music and fun.
It’s a style of animation.

Living in the City
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Man Or Mouse
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Imani Dance
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Group Hug Productions

Jesse Ford